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Diving at Palu Sipadan
with Borneo Divers

Sipadan jetty overlooing a 600 m wall

A green turtle swims near Sipadan Island, BorneoWe visited Palu Sipadan in June of 1997, logging about forty dives (nearly 1/3 at night) including the pair of Turtle Tomb caves with Borneo Divers. Malaysia’s only oceanic island, Sipadan boasts a 600m deep main wall starting 15m from the beach and abundant marine life. At the time of our visit, signs of algae growth were quite evident on certain sections of the reef and
it was becoming evident that the tiny island (1500m circumference) could not continue to support the tourist resorts. The guerrilla raid for hostages in 2000 put Sipadan into the world news headlines for other reasons. Finally in 2004, the Malaysian government ordered the resorts off the island. Divers now stay at nearby islands (Palu Mabul or Kapali) and visit the site by boat.

Certain photos presented here were published in the article:
"Sipadan : the island off-shore", reportage by Rémy Lafon with the collaboration of John Rander, Apnéa No 97 April 1998.

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