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Walindi and a diving cruise
aboard the M/V FeBrina
in Papua New Guinea


Walindi dive boat anchored at Restorf Island

A Bargibanti pygmy seahorse sitting on a sea fan at 40 meters depth in Papua New Guinea Walindi Plantation Resort, run by Max and Cecile Benjamin, is a meeting place for underwater photographers from around the world. It is located on the north coast of West New Britain, the largest island of the
Papua New Guinea chain in the Bismarck Sea. More than a dozen interesting dive sites, mostly in the
Western portion of Kimbe Bay, are within reach of Walindi’s shore-based dive boats. A cruise aboard the M/V FeBrina gives access to sites farther off-shore. Dive sites are typically reefs established on isolated submerged volcanic seamounts. Clear water, abundant red whip corals, large gorgonians and giant sponges are characteristic of these sites. There is an enormous diversity of fauna so that even repeated dives on the same reef never cease to reveal new surprises. The photos here were taken on a visit in June 1998; unfortunately a flooding of my primary flash early on the trip was somewhat of a handicap.

Some of these photos were published in an article:
" Walindi: jewel of the Bismarck Sea", reportage by John et Brigitte Rander, Apnéa No 110 juillet/août 1999.

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A skin-diver admires coral at Restorff Island, Kimbe Bay PNG

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